The Presbytery of San Jose’s Communications Director, Rev. Dr. Jennifer Bales, publishes a newsletter on the 10th of each month, supplemented by a weekly calendar listing of upcoming events available to everyone in the Presbytery.

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Events and Videos

AWỌ Presents: HUEmankind Fest

AWỌ Presents: HUEmankind Fest

June 16, 2021
Special Afghanistan Report

Special Afghanistan Report

August 23, 2021
Reflections on a Year of a Lifetime

Reflections on a Year of a Lifetime

December 21, 2020

God loves you. So do we.

Presbytery Committees

A.C. Watsonville
Church Health and Growth W.G.
Downtown San Jose Property Commission
Financial Affairs
Guiding Preparing Safeguarding Subcte.
Mission and Outreach W.G.
Peace and Justice W.G.
Polity & Government
Preparation For Ministry
Presbyterian Women
Representation and Empowerment
Self Development of People
Synod Commissioners
Synod Permanent Judicial Commission