Presbytery Policies

COM Policies

  • PT-1 PS-11 Dissolving Pastoral Relationships.pdf
  • PT-2 Relationship Between Congregations and Former Pastors.pdf
  • PT-3 Interim Pastors.pdf
  • PT-3a Appendix A.pdf
  • PT-3b Appendix B.pdf
  • PT-4 Pastor and Associate Pastor Nominating Process.pdf
  • PT-5 Equal Employment Opportunity in Ministry.pdf
  • PT-6 PS-1 Minimum Terms of Call 2019
  • PT-7 Receiving Clergy from other Denominations.pdf
  • ML-1 Minister Members-at-Large.pdf
  • ML-2 Validated Ministries.pdf
  • ML-3.EC-4 Ministers Not Related to Congregation.pdf
  • HR-1 The Receipt of Honorable Retired Ministers.pdf
  • HR-2 Presbyterys Relationship to Its Retired Ministers.pdf
  • HR-3 Pastor Emeritus
  • HR-4.ML-4 Parish Associates
  • EC-1 Ethical Conduct for Ordained Officers.pdf
  • EC-2 Sexual Misconduct Prevention amended Nov 2018
  • EC-3 Misconduct Reporting Procedure.pdf
  • EC-4.ML-3 Ministers Not Related to Congregation.pdf
  • EC-5 Use of Title Minister.pdf
  • EC-6 Life Threatening Illnesses.pdf

Presbytery Committees

A.C. Watsonville
Church Health and Growth W.G.
Downtown San Jose Property Commission
Financial Affairs
Guiding Preparing Safeguarding Subcte.
Mission and Outreach W.G.
Peace and Justice W.G.
Polity & Government
Preparation For Ministry
Presbyterian Women
Representation and Empowerment
Self Development of People
Synod Commissioners
Synod Permanent Judicial Commission