• 2.CPM-required-seminary-courses – PDF, Word
  • Application for internship – PDF, Word
  • Candidate Ready to Receive Call-annual report PDF
  • Candidate Ready to Receive Call-session report PDF


Clerks of Session

  • Handbook for Clerks of Session 2022 PDF *Updated!*
  • Session Records Review Checklist Word *Updated!*
  • Session Records Review Checklist PDF *Updated!*
  • Westminster Church Register Template Excel *New!*
  • Scholarship Application PDF
  • Vision Grant Criteria.2018 PDF
  • Vision Grant Application.2018 PDF
  • Note: Ordination and Installation documents are available from COM.
  • Vision of the Presbytery and Work Plan – Aug 2016 Council Meeting PDF
  • 2018 Clerk Annual Questionnaire Survey PDF

Financial Affairs

* FAQ – Use of Church Property by Third Parties * PDF * 8/16/23 *
Presbytery Lease Agreement Template short form PDF
Presbytery Lease Agreement Template Long Form PDF, Word
Amendment to Leases Word
Ministry Funding Request Criteria and Form PDF
* Ministry Funding Electronic Application Form updated March 2024 – Word*

Mission Pledge Form 2019 PDF
Presbyterian approved/recommended Shared Equity Agreement for Pastor Housing PDF
Shared Equity Memorandum PDF uploaded 7/26/22

Official forms required of most non-profits, including churches:

  • Santa Clara County

571L filing tips

Exemption filing tips

  • Santa Cruz County



  • Monterey County


County Assessor’s Office indicated that they are still mailing out forms to churches


God loves you. So do we.

Presbytery Committees

A.C. Watsonville
Church Health and Growth W.G.
Downtown San Jose Property Commission
Executive Search Committee
Financial Affairs
Guiding Preparing Safeguarding Subcte.
Mission and Outreach W.G.
Peace and Justice W.G.
Polity & Government
Preparation For Ministry
Presbyterian Women
Representation and Empowerment
Self Development of People
Synod Commissioners
Synod Permanent Judicial Commission