The Presbytery Council

“The purpose of the Presbytery Council is to coordinate the life and ministry of Presbytery
in accordance with policies, priorities, and goals enacted by the Presbytery.” – Standing Rules 4.21

Members of the 2021 Council are listed below. Upcoming Council Meeting Dates are: April 15,  August 26, October 21.

Presbytery Council 2021
Elder Lynn Viale Council Moderator
Rev. Jennifer Bales At-Large
Rev. Annanda Barclay Chair, Representation & Empowerment Committee
Rev. Jason Barraca At-Large
Elder Frank Bernstein 2020 Presbytery Moderator
Rev. Libby Boatwright Chair, Committee on Ministry
Rev. Edd Breeden Staff, Presbytery Treasurer
Elder Carol Holsinger Chair, Polity and Govt Subcommittee
Rev. Hardy Kim At-Large
Elder James Lee At-Large
Rev. Joey Lee Executive Presbyter
Elder Collette Lynner Staff
Rev. David McCreath Chair, Personnel Committee
Elder Carlo Panighetti Chair, Nominations Committee
Rev. Erica Rader Staff, Stated Clerk
Rev. Nan Swanson Presbytery Moderator-elect
Rev. Martha Thorson At-Large
Rev. Andrew Wong Current Presbytery Moderator; Chair, CPM
Rev. Lindsay Woods Wong Chair, Financial Affairs Committee
Rosaleen Zisch Chair, PW Moderator

Presbytery Committees

A.C. Watsonville
Church Health and Growth W.G.
Downtown San Jose Property Commission
Financial Affairs
Guiding Preparing Safeguarding Subcte.
Mission and Outreach W.G.
Peace and Justice W.G.
Polity & Government
Preparation For Ministry
Presbyterian Women
Representation and Empowerment
Self Development of People
Synod Commissioners
Synod Permanent Judicial Commission