2022 Committee Assignments are at this link.

Self-Development of People

SDOP, a Tri-Presbytery Committee Presbyteries of the Redwoods, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Standing Committees

Elders and Ministers sit on Committees and Subcommittees.

Committee on Ministry Chair, Rev. Mark Peake
Regular Meetings: 2nd Mondays at Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos, 6:30pm
Committee on Preparation for Ministry Chair, Rev. Robby Olson
Financial Affairs Committee Chair, Elder Dave Macway
Regular Meetings:
3rd Wednesdays at Presbytery Offices, 12:00
Nominations Committee Chair, Rev. Irene Pak Lee
Personnel Committee Chair, Elder Denise Martin
Polity & Government Subcommittee Chair, Rev. Bryan Franzen
Presbyterian Women Moderator, Elder Rosaleen Zisch
Representation and Empowerment Committee

God loves you. So do we.

Presbytery Committees

A.C. Watsonville
Church Health and Growth W.G.
Downtown San Jose Property Commission
Financial Affairs
Guiding Preparing Safeguarding Subcte.
Mission and Outreach W.G.
Peace and Justice W.G.
Polity & Government
Preparation For Ministry
Presbyterian Women
Representation and Empowerment
Self Development of People
Synod Commissioners
Synod Permanent Judicial Commission