Mission and Outreach Work Group

Chair: Rev. Dr. Margaret Boles, Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church

Mission and Outreach Work Group Goals

  1. To engage in sustaining relationships with local and international partners.
  2. To educate and resource congregations in the Presbytery of San Jose in understanding what it means to walk with our brothers and sisters in faith in communities that are vastly different from our own and to encourage multicultural presence and awareness within our presbytery.
  3. To provide experiential/hands on opportunities to go and see what God is doing beyond our comfort zone, equipping God’s Children to serve in local and global communities.
  4. To learn about existing partnerships within our presbytery.
  5. To explore a variety of models that seek to empower and equip God’s children in diverse economic realities.
  6. To connect with the General Assembly Presbyterian Mission Agency and other agencies both local and international.

Membership: The Mission and Outreach Work Group is comprised of Ministers of Word and Sacrament, Ruling Elders, and members of congregations within the Presbytery of San Jose.

If you would like more to participate, or need information, please contact Work Group Chair, Rev. Dr. Margaret Boles semfemmb@aol.com


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