Fire Recovery Task Force

The Presbytery of San Jose created its Fire Recovery Task Force to respond to the California Wildfires of Summer/Fall 2020.

This task force is empowered to receive funds from PDA and other sources, and to plan for distribution of those funds to build resilience following the fires of this past fall. As of January 2021 the task force has met four times; planning is around relief efforts in Bonny Doon. Presbytery holds recovery funds from a variety of sources, including PDA, congregations, and donations from individuals.

Members of the Fire Recovery Task Force:
David McCreath, HR; Chair.
Lee Duffus, Trinity Santa Cruz; active with Red Cross during Loma Prieta.
Judi Pogue, Sunnyvale Pres.; spent years at a PDA camp in response to Katrina.
Martha Wills, Mission Elder, Los Gatos
Robby Olson, At-large minister, Watsonville.
Trevor Van Laar, Pastor, Gilroy
Suzanne Malloy, based in Santa Barbara, staffs the task force from PDA.
Joey Lee, Erica Rader, and Collette Lynner staff the task force.

God loves you. So do we.

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