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Recommendations during the COVID-19 Outbreak

January 25, 2021

COVID Restrictions for Places of Worship

The State of California has moved Bay Area counties to the Purple (widespread) Tier, but has not significantly changed the situation for Places of Worship. At this time, all three counties of the Presbytery of San Jose have the same restrictions.

Update on COVID restrictions

Outdoor gatherings with up to three households are now allowed for any purpose. Larger outdoor gatherings with up to 200 people are allowed only for political, religious, or ceremonial purposes, or as otherwise specifically allowed by the State.  Indoor gatherings of any kind remain prohibited.  All allowed gatherings must comply with the County’s updated Mandatory Directive for Gatherings.

Livestream, Broadcast or Recording
Businesses may livestream, broadcast, or record performances, services, and classes at indoor facilities without live audiences or members of the public present. All such livestreamed, broadcasted, or recorded events at indoor facilities must comply with the following rules:

When livestreaming under this provision, only personnel may be present at the facility. Audiences or other members of the public are strictly prohibited. The number of personnel inside the facility must be limited to the minimum necessary to conduct the event (and may never exceed 12 people.)

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