Roots Deeper than Whiteness, Lent 2021

Class Participation Page

  • Session One 2/21/21, 4 – 5:30pm
  • Session Two 3/7/21, 4 – 5:30pm
  • Session Three 3/21/21, 4 – 5:30pm
  • Session Four 4/18/21, 4 – 5:30pm

Ground Rules for Discussion:

  1. Treat all participants and facilitators with courtesy and respect. Be respectful of everyone’s privacy, and use discretion if you share anecdotes, reflections, or experiences voiced by other course participants outside of this class setting.
  2. Share from your personal experiences and do your best to honor the experience and wisdom that others bring. Work to suspend judgment and bring curiosity instead.
  3. Refrain from offering unsolicited advice or criticism.
  4. Respect time limitations when sharing and do your best to ensure that everyone who wants to speak has time to do so.

Objectives of the course, set by CORE (Committee for Representation and Empowerment):

  • Partner with White Awake to provide history on the origins of whiteness.
  • Provide a brave space to explore beyond the narrative of white privilege.
  • Provide spiritual/emotional support to our white siblings in an all-white brave space.
  • Utilize the season of Lent as an entry point for deeper conversations.
  • Allow space to be, to grieve, question, digest, how white supremacy dehumanizes white people.
  • Create imaginable space for self and community as white that is fully aligned according to the second commandment, beginning the journey as self-love with for those who hold a white dentity.

The following is adapted from Roots Deeper Than Whiteness statement of Goals and Objectives/ Oct-Nov, 2020

Purpose and structure of the course

The purpose of White Awake’s Roots Deeper than Whiteness is to provide a space for people socially classified as “White” to build greater political direction and emotional strength to confront racism and work toward the liberation of all. To this end, Roots Deeper Than Whiteness is being held as a White caucus (or White racial affinity group). Our intention is not to be exclusive, but to provide the best possible conditions for Whites to be vulnerable with one another and break down white supremacist conditioning that creates barriers to authentic, respectful relationships between Children of God.

Racial caucusing is a well established practice in the field of anti-racism, designed to supplement multiracial dialogue and action and create greater capacity for cross-cultural solidarity.  Reasons for holding a White caucus include the need to foster vulnerable, transformative work that would not be possible in a public setting. The difficult work of becoming better allies to Blacks, Indigenous People, and People of Color is tempting to avoid – for people who identify as White, it involves overcoming feelings of guilt and shame. Participants in this study benefit from dedicated resources and learn to support one another along each individual’s anti-white-supremacist journey, now and after the course concludes.

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Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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